Friday, March 2, 2012

The. End.

As our trip to Immokalee comes swiftly to an end, I look back at the past week.  It has been full of enlightening experiences and growth amongst ourselves.  As the twelve of us have come together, mostly as strangers, we have learned much about ourselves, each other, and most importantly this community in Immokalee.  We were once asked this week by the youth of Immokalee what we had expected on this trip and what we think now.  I think I can speak for all of us and say we have found what we expected and more.  We came in educated about the basics of life in Immokalee but living the experience is worth much more than a classroom session.  As for what we think of Immokalee now, we came here with open arms and are leaving more passionate than we were when we arrived.  This experience has been priceless.  What we have taken from Immokalee could not be found anywhere else.  Experiencing a welcoming community, simple living, and lack of usual routine under these circumstances, has collectively created this trip into the learning experience of a lifetime.  Those of us who don’t return to Immokalee will surely never forget the week we’ve spent here and will never fail to educate those who haven’t experienced it.
-Ashley, Sophmore

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