Monday, February 27, 2012

More realizations to come

This morning I was able to witness first handed how farm workers search and struggle for daily work. As I watched these men and women pile onto buses I could only sense a feeling of empathy and mixed confusion. Why does our society box individuals into these cast systems of inequality? How are people able to strip away others dignity without remorse or second guess? Lastly, how can we as humans stand by and not know of the cruelties and turmoil these individuals endure daily? All of these questions were flowing through my mind as the buses drifted off and the remnants of thick dust were left behind.
I have come to realize that through this trip not all solutions to the inequalities of the world or of Immokalee will be solved. Yet, I have found a healthy medium to ease my impulsive thoughts. Awareness and education of the daily discriminations and chaos is evidently needed and imperative. It is essential that people know where their food comes from and how it got there.  Furthermore it is vital that individuals realize that the dignity and pure essence of humans are trespassed, taken advantage of, and intruded on.
Later on in the day I was able to spend some time at the Guadalupe Social Services. This organization provides individuals of low income with aid. Specifically it is geared towards allocating money to food, rent, and necessary items in order to survive. The staff was extremely organized and outgoing. I was able to sit in on numerous case worker one on one interactions.
Overall, today was an educational whirlwind, a pool of new knowledge where I was able to expand my thoughts further than I had originally thought possible. This trip has been a breathtaking experience and this is only the second full day. More realizations to come. 
Charlotte- Senior

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